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Millions of Americans across this nation have or will experience financial hardship. You are not alone. In the past 3 years over 2.5 million people have filed bankruptcy. If you are like most Americans, you may only be one paycheck away from a major financial crisis. Job loss / business distress, illness (medical bills), divorce, death, poor financial planning and over extended credit are amongst the leading factors that can create financial chaos in a household.


Baskerville Lottie Law’s experience and exceptional advocacy combined with its empathetic approach can bring light to your financial situation. We will listen to your story, evaluate your case and help you choose the best path forward in protecting your family, your property and your rights.

From the moment we meet, to the moment you take flight into financial freedom, we personally guide you through making the best decisions for you and your family.

We give you the peace of mind of one-on-one personal attention, expert legal advice and representation, and priceless credit recovery knowledge.  Our full-service bankruptcy practice is tailored for individuals, couples and families who seek quality legal service and care in the highest form.


If you are seeking a legal advocate for your business, Baskerville Lottie & Associates specializes in collaborating with entrepreneurs to address their legal needs.

The best strategy for any business owner is to establish a relationship with a trusted and capable legal partner before any urgent need arises.  We work with entrepreneurs and small businesses at all stages of development to ensure that business owners’ rights are protected and that business owners make legal decisions that protect the business owner’s best interests.

Learn how Baskerville Lottie Law can help your business get a healthy start and help you protect your company’s best interest.

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